Keeping busy today


Too much on my mind. Must keep busy.*

Keeping Busy

Felt doll made with my own pattern (!!!). I should have tried it out in practice fabric first, since I have  already made a huge mistake (cutting out only one arm and leg and not having enough fabric leftover for more). But I will continue on. I managed another arm out of the leg that was cut.  She will just have mismatched legs…or stockings. Or boots! I think boots will do.

As with the clay doll (which I have painted) my proportions were off. I had to make the arms smaller and I think the legs were too long too. It’s possible that the neck is too thin also. I will have to go easy on the hair or her head will weigh too much.

I’ve been reading this dollmaking book since checking it (and several others) out of the library:

Anatomy of a Doll: The Fabric Sculptor’s Handbook
Anatomy of a Doll: The Fabric Sculptor's Handbook

It is excellent! A definite must buy. I also have two sewing projects sitting out. One very easy and one maybe not so. Lots to do this weekend. Hopefully it will work at keeping my mind quiet.


*Not pictured, the tasks that my activities director (b.k.a. Son#1) has set for me:

  • magnet making (he decided that he we needed to make magnets for grandma)
  • shadow puppet making (I found a really cool looking flashlight while cleaning recently)
  • more drawings on giant paper (I have two sketchpads that are about 18×20)

2 thoughts on “Keeping busy today

  1. Have you ever heard of golden ratio it was use in renaissance era it is still use by coture designers try to google it and see if it comes up if not email me and I will forward what I have it is great for sizing everything LPASF

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