A new medium

First, THANKS for the Frida doll love!! Even my husband told me she was beautiful. An unsolicited comment from him is a big deal. He is (kindly) honest about things I make, so I was pleased that he liked her and that you did too! ;o)


To say that I am inspired by artist Elsa Mora‘s work is an understatement. I found her when searching for info about Frida and was fortunate enough to add another great lady to the love list. Elsa has divided her work into several different blogs, she has one all about dolls here. While looking at her photos I was suddenly struck with the urge to try making clay dolls myself. Though she is super talented and her work is intricate and beautiful, I didn’t feel intimidated by it like I sometimes do when faced with really talented people. Instead I felt empowered to try, do and make in my own way.

Thanks to Elsa’s clear photos, detailed listing of materials and many informative links, I placed my order for supplies. And waited anxiously. I can confess now that working on Frida went into overdrive because I knew I’d want to jump right into working with clay when it arrived and I was right. The order even came a day earlier than scheduled.

Here’s my first attempt a (made with this clay) ready to go in the oven:

Going to the oven

Making clay figures is both easier and harder than I expected. The proportions were hard to grasp at first, but making the pieces was easy. Except for attaching the head. I don’t know how to mold the head, neck and body as one and attaching it afterwords lead to it snapping off as you can see.

Post Baking

I’m keeping a little pocket Moleskine of things I learn as I go along. This project has taught me to:

  • make the holes for the arms and legs at the same time so that they end up the same length when placed on the body
  • thin the paint down, it will apply smoother
  • find a new and better way to attached the head

I patted myself on the back for my foresight in ordering the kids their own clay and other supplies. We have been happily working on projects together and separately. It’s been fun!


3 thoughts on “A new medium

  1. Oh wow, very cool. I am continuously inspired/impressed by your crafting abilities! I’ve read nothing before about making clay figures so am very interested to learn more about your experiences. Your new doll is looking great so far!

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