Paint. Felt. Cardboard. Floss.*


Frida, nearly complete
I have one more arm to go before I can begin assembling Frida! I am so excited. I’m enjoying the hand-sewing again (just like on my last Purl Bee project, the picture day tie).  I finished the legs and the first arm last night while watching Beauty and the Beast with my sister.

We really needed to laugh and think of good times. This movie accomplishes both, we watched it together often when we were younger. The bulk of my family drama is coming to an end (hopefully). I’m looking forward to a time when I don’t have to worry what new piece of nonsense will pop up to drag my mood down.

The paints I have Frida resting on just arrived today. I love looking at them all new and perfect, but I am anxious to try them out. That will have to wait until the children are asleep. They are distracted right now playing with the new markers I bought for them, a box of 64 they are amazed, especially since they had previously been banned. Markers are messy….they may have been a stupid purchase thinking on it now. Anyway, I don’t think even markers will distract them enough to paint in the same room as them.

I sketched this face the same day I got the bug to make a Frida doll.
Frida's Face
The nose needs work. I think the eyes and brow (;p) came out great. I always like one side better than the other when I draw.

Before I go, another weird Frida happening. I go through phases where I decide that I’m done with writing. I am in one of those now. It turns out that the Purl Girl pattern is printed on the back of pages of a script that I wrote in college.

Purl Bee pattern, leg


*These are the materials I’ll be working with today.


4 thoughts on “Paint. Felt. Cardboard. Floss.*

  1. What about washable markers? I also found these cool paints by Crayola…you stick the brush in the paint pot but it’s not really a brush, it’s like painting with a marker. You use the damp pad that comes in the kit to clean the “brush.” It solved my OCD issues with messy kids and painting, lol!!

    I think your drawing is great. I can’t wait to see this doll all finished.

  2. My main issue with my kids and markers is they never put the lids back on! Though, if I’m not the one paying for them I guess it’s not that bad. The waste still bugs me, though.

    I love your doll face! She will be so cool 🙂

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