Frida post numero dos

Okay, I haven’t blogged twice in one day in a while. Or ever, possibly….

I became absolutely consumed with working on a Frida doll after spending most of the day reading artist Elsa Mora’s blog.  I remembered that I cut out a Purl Girl doll ages ago and neatly packed the cut pieces into a teeny ziploc bag. The pieces would be perfect for a Frida doll. Perfect complexion and endless ways to customize as shown in the Purl Girl Flickr group. This was perfect! I could get to work asap.


Frida’s body was missing.

I don’t know why I’m reading all kinds of symbolism into this. Frida’s body was perhaps her worse enemy and here it was completely missing….maybe I’m crazy but it totally bugged me out.

I’ve found her now. And gathered these materials to bring her to life.

Future Frida

Perhaps more pink than Frida’s preferred palette, but I like it.


5 thoughts on “Frida post numero dos

  1. Wow, that is kind of strange that her body was missing?!
    I can’t wait to see the finished result! Frida Kahlo certainly was a woman with a strong and unswerving sense of herself, so is very inspiring to young women of today…

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