Discoveries: Frida Kahlo, Painting Her Own Realty (Discoveries (Abrams))Discoveries: Frida Kahlo, Painting Her Own Realty (Discoveries by Christina Burrus

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I really didn’t know much about Frida Kahlo or her work before an interest was sparked while researching well know women artists to teach my artist daughter about. I had of course heard of her and had seen her work featured many places. I picked up a copy of this book from the library yesterday and sat down to read it and kept reading until I was done. I was instantly hooked on her passion and her ability to communicate so much through her work. And I envy that release. I stayed up late watching Selma Hayek’s version of her life and I am well on my way to becoming a full on Frida admirer.
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As a seamstress I, of course, paid great attention to her use of color, the way she dressed and to the set and costume styling of the biopic. Frida’s dedication to her look regardless of her location around the world or the event she was going to is admirable. I think we all set out to have a signature look when we dress ourselves, whether this is a conscious or unconscious effort. We are not all as successful as she is. I have often tried to find a look that was “me” without looking like I was wearing a costume or falling back on my broke college kid look.

Lately, I think through my sewing projects and how they will fit into my current life and what might lie ahead in the future. Thanks to Frida, I now know that somewhere included in those projects and the resulting clothing will be something bright, and gold and red and embroidered and very Frida.

I am requesting more books to teach the children about her and other female artists. Look at this wonderful (new close up pics here) project done to help teach all about Frida! I HAVE to make my own! I’ve been thinking about making a Frida doll. I think it’s the chance to make the hair and eyebrows. And the clothes….there are so many possibilities. Hell, I might even paint today. Maybe even a self portrait ;o)


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