Updates: Maribel and PiBoIdMo


Photo from the flickr group

You can check out Meet me Mike‘s Softies for Maribel group on Flickr to see all of the cool things donated so far!

You can look here and here for a close up of my merpeople in the window. There are so many donations! Seeing mine among all of them makes me feel indescribably good. I wonder if we have an equivalent group here in the US? Does anyone know?

As for my picture book ideas….”real life” would not be kept at bay. I got as far as the 18th and fell off the idea wagon 😦 I do have some pretty good ones that I will work on despite not finishing and being eligible for the very cool and groovy prizes. My kids were a veritable well of inspiration. Some days I just thought about what they like and how to make that into a book interesting enough for them all to listen to. Bingo! Instant idea.

My sewing plans have also changed. I think I’m just going to make a page here on the blog that I can cross out and add to as I please. That way I won’t bore you all with frequent posts on new editions.

Well, I have 2 things all cut out to sew, so I should get to it!


4 thoughts on “Updates: Maribel and PiBoIdMo

  1. Oh, that window just delights me!! Just go with flow. You can do it. There are bad days and good days. I have been frustrated since last week because none of my ideas have worked out. I keep telling myself that they can’t all be winners. 😉

  2. What delightful toys! So cuuute!
    Well, from my point of view, sewing stuff is NEVER boring, so please don’t stop posting about it! However your picture book plans sound very intriguing too. What a great idea, to use your children as inspiration…
    I’d like to read more of your writings and see more of your pictures!

  3. cool toys! design is such a cruel endeavor. so many failures, but don’t the success kind of make up for the bombs? i say this as i’m buried in a buncha casualties of quilting designs…deadline is next week. eek!

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