PJ Sewalong: Mission Accomplished!

The task: Sew PJ’s during the holiday weekend.
Personal goal: Sew 11(!) bottoms in the given time period.

11 pair all in a row

The results: 9 (and a half if you count hubby’s almost finished ones) completed!!

My creation

Two each for the kiddies and one baggy pair of Seuss-y shorts for me ;o)

Hubby’s came out HUGE and my pink pair may be a dud. I couldn’t be bothered with finishing them last night, but I might work on them both soon. I don’t know why I cut them all so generously. The last ones I made for the kids were a little slim, so I wanted more room, but I may have gone too far to the other side with these. At the very least, they should fit for a while. If they don’t bust the knees out first.

Seuss Style
Seuss Style
I have recently introduced them to all of my favorite Dr. Seuss stories. I have a very special connection to these stories, especially The Grinch. They are connected to some of my happiest childhood memories. I am so glad to be making new ones that include them.

This fabric costs more than I usually spend on fabric and I needed a lot. I used most of it due to the generous cutting, but I have enough scraps left over to make some appliques for t-shirts to wear with these. And for other cool patchwork projects.

Boys v. Girls
Boys V. Girls
The boys’ match their dad’s. They were supposed to be shorts, but again the super generous cut made them more like slightly too short pants. I expect these to shrink a little with each wash like the last flannel ones I made them all, so in the end they will be exactly as I want them.

The girls’ pants are made from some type of poly blend that it totally unsuitable for pj’s, but I had bought some in another color to make myself a shirt and Missy (the one who is all legs here) asked if she could have pants from that fabric, too. It was only $1.95 a yard so of course I said sure. I don’t expect them to last very long, but for that price they don’t have too.

These make a nice end to a weekend full of food, homemade deserts, movies galore (introduced them to Beauty and the Beast my favorite old school Disney movie) and lots of snuggles ;o)


6 thoughts on “PJ Sewalong: Mission Accomplished!

  1. Your PJ’s are adorable. I haven’t seen this Dr. Suess print. It’s perfect for the holidays with the color scheme. I come from a family of two boys and two girls also. How fun to see young ones reminding me of my siblings. I really liked reading your “Thankful” post. My only sister means the world to me also. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Very cute! If your kids are anything like my kiddos, they’re absolutely thrilled with anything made for them by mommy. We watched Beauty and the Beast this weekend too. Fun.

  3. Oh, such cute jammies!! And you must be super well organised. So many garments is a massive enterprise, so well done!!
    Oh, introducing your kids to your own favourite childhood movies is a real special thing to do together… especially with added snuggles 🙂
    and not to mention the homemade desserts 😉

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