Picture Day Tie for my Handsome Boy

Guilt no more!!
I was feeling bad about the fact that Missy had something handmade to wear for picture day and Mal didn’t.

Pattern: Purl Bee Little Boy’s Tie
Fabric: Keri Beyer for In The Beginning Fabrics, Rocket Scientist

Picture Day Tie

1. Picture Day Tie, Initial, 2. Picture Day Tie, 3. Picture Day Tie Rocket, 4. Picture Day Tie, join

It’s so neat!!! Look at the back!

My creation

I am super excited about this tie! I didn’t cut any of the pieces on the bias like the pattern stated and there is A LOT of hand sewing. Like 95% of this was hand-sewn. But it was sort of therapeutic. The pressing instructions make it so that all the pieces line up so effortlessly that it’s a gem to sew up. I’ve had this fabric for over a year and I am glad to have finally used it for something. There is enough left for a matching tie for his brother someday. He’s a bow tie sort of boy, I think.


2 thoughts on “Picture Day Tie for my Handsome Boy

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