Picture Day Dress for my Missy

Picture Day Dress

1. Picture Day Dress Mermaid Hem, 2. Picture Day Dress Ruffle, 3. Picture Day Dress, 4. Picture Day Dress Neck Detail

Fabric: Stretch Cotton Poplin ($2.95 a yard) and Heather Ross, Medocino for specialness.
Pattern: None. Winged the top and sleeves from a raglan shirt that fit her well and the length and width from the only dress she has that still fits.  I still want to make her a little half slip to wear so it doesn’t cling to her stockings.

She friggin’ loves it!! I stayed up till about 4am working on this. Picture day isn’t until next Monday. The urge to work on it right away came from her totally unspoiled attitude towards what she was going to wear.

It hadn’t occurred to me that it has been a while since I bought her any special occasion clothes until I sent her to find something to wear to her class party tomorrow and she returned with the dress she wore the last two picture days. When I asked what she was going to wear for picture day, she didn’t ask for something new. She went in the room and tried to find something. I knew there was likely not much to choose from she has gown so much lately.

I started looking online and felt that nothing was quite right for the money, when I realized DUH, I CAN MAKE HER SOMETHING. I’m not so smart sometimes.

So I didn’t get her hopes up and then make a dud dress or lose momentum, I started right away and worked straight through. I wrapped it up and wrote her a little note and presented it to her this morning. She is beyond happy. And so am I.


7 thoughts on “Picture Day Dress for my Missy

  1. Awww, what a sweet story! She’s lucky to have such a talented mama, and I LOVE her unspoiled attitude. The dress is darling and so age-appropriate (unlike some of the stuff they sell in the stores, huh?).

  2. Oh, that is so sweet, and OF COURSE she loves it, it is gorgeous!
    (you don’t have to reply to this by email if you don’t want. I’m just super happy that you visit my blog sometimes! Thanks for your lovely comments!)

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