Cowl Love

Thanks so much for all the SUPER Cowl love!! I really appreciate it ;o)
The love was felt over at BurdaStyle, too. My project was featured on the front page!!

I almost missed it since  BurdaStyle’s site was acting like a donkey and refused to load in Firefox. I logged in using Safari and there it was.

In other, knitting related, news I am totally obsessed with this.


Images from designer’s ravelry pattern page:

This is friggin’ awesome! I’m not usually into experimental shapes and designs, but this still seems practical AND stylish for some reason. Whatever it is, it’s worked its mojo on me and I have to have it.

I bought some yarn. I know it’s not fabric, which I have bought plenty of recently. (It was all dead cheap and further discounted with those lovely percentage off codes from my beloved fabric. com, but still it’s money spent.) The yarn is a lovely luxury also at a discount thanks to shopping Ravelry stash sales, $35 for 12. This is the first yarn I’ve purchased since making this sweater. It was also a Rav stash sale and the only other yarn purchase for the year. I have a stunning lack of finished knitting to show. Sewing has moved into the top spot, but knitting is still in my heart!



One thought on “Cowl Love

  1. Congrats! Woohoo! They just love you.

    Acting like a donkey! That is awesome. I need to use that line today somehow. I will fit it into my conversations. Lol.

    Yeah, I am not into experimental super hip knitting either. But the way she shows the many ways of wearing makes me take a second look.

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