Fancy-ish Knits

I often spend a good portion of my day perusing sewing blogs. I always admire the beautiful work that I see and sometimes I covet the opportunities that these seamstresses have to wear such special and sophisticated garments.

Sometimes you’ve got to face facts. Even in your crafts. I am a stay at home mom at the moment. I will not likely have a need for a fancy dress even when I return to work. I am not generally the fancy dress type.

Sure I will indulge myself and make something for fun, a special occasion or skill building, but for the most part I will need fancy-ish casual clothes. And that’s okay. Those types of things provide plenty of room for learning, customization and bits of specialness. Case in point, these two tops I made today.

Lydia from BurdaStyle:
Basic White
1. Basic White, 2. Basic White, 3. Basic White

Fabric: Rayon Jersey blend
Pattern: BurdaStyle Lydia

This was the first time I used this pattern. I will definitely go down a size or two next time. The shoulders were too wide and I had fudge a bit to get them to fit. I didn’t want it tight, but there is a bit too much room in the armhole and chest area.

I attached the sleeves flat (thanks to this post at Eugenia’s blog) for the first time and I will never go back to the old way when using knits. It made it much easier to serge them on and as a result the inside is completely finished.

The pattern does not include the little cowl, but it’s easy enough to draft and add. I have so many more ideas for this basic little pattern.

And this one is my own creation. I call it the SUPER Cowl ;o)
1. SUPER Cowl, 2. SUPER Cowl, 3. SUPER Cowl’s super long sleeves, 4. SUPER Cowl

I wrote out the steps to this in case anyone is interested. They are a bit wordy so I think I will whack it into a pdf and add it to the tutorial page.


8 thoughts on “Fancy-ish Knits

  1. Actually, I just commented on your super cowl top on Burdastyle. And then I saw your comment on my blog…

    I love effortless cool of the cowl neck.
    And I was actually dropping in for a few notes on creating your own granny cardigan:
    – in my experience, to get the proportions of a roomy garment right (especially if you know you get swamped easily), it should be fitted at some point (with the tops you’ve made now, that at the chest and shoulders, with my cardi, it’s at the hip/hemline).
    – unlike most other jersey tops, this style has a serious amount of ease added to the chest/shoulder/armhole.
    If you’re not as obsessed with pattern making as I am (and I’m really bad that way, so I suspect few people are…), it’s probably easiest to start out with a pattern for a wide sweater or cardigan with a sleeve shape you like (I used a raglan sleeve), determine the length you want, and then take in the sides towards the hemline.

  2. Confession: I read your blog for the very reason you give for reviewing other sewing blogs–I am amazed and delighted by your sewing skills and the urban-wear you whip up. I can only “sew” with duck tape and staples.

    Keep the craft and commentary coming!

  3. These kinds of basic tops get worn such a lot compared to the fancy dresses, and so are far more worthy garments, I reckon! I really like the little cowl neck in the first one. It’s cute and flattering.
    The second top is a gorgeous print, and I love love love the super cowl! It looks almost like a hoodie at the back, LOVE this design feature… are the white sleeves part of the grey top, or part of a separate top underneath?

  4. Hey! Thank you so much for feedback about the fabric!
    I totally agree with you. I stay at home all day and don’t wear a fancy dress at all:( Gotta try your super cowl!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

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