Things I Want to Remember

I used to do posts about things I’d like to remember about my children. I haven’t done one in a while. They have been a smorgasbord of funniness lately.


Asked me if when he was big like his dad if he could sleep in bed with us. I told him that when he was big he was very unlikely to want to sleep with his parents. He replied “Oh! I know, you can sleep on one side, dad can sleep on the other and I can sleep right in the middle!” like it was the perfect solution. I stopped trying to convince him after that.

Yesterday, his new sneakers arrived. He looked at the puma running on the box and said “Oh, they’re running shoes. That’s clever.” He is five years-old.

I have a teapot that I use when I make the kids tea with their breakfast. It was on their table and I asked them to be careful with it because my sister bought it for me and it was special. He looked at me and said “You have a sister?” I said “Duh, your auntie.” He said “Oh. I thought you were her sister” Priceless.


Son#2 (boy twin):

He walked up to me yesterday and said “Mom, am I four yet?” with his adorable pouty face. I said no not yet and he seemed like it was the end of the world. I asked if he was really looking forward to being four and he said “Yes!”

He loves Mr. Incredible and though he has never seen the movies or TV show, the Incredible Hulk. He has a Mr. Incredible action figure and an Incredible Hulk tshirt that I practically have to dislocate his shoulders to get on it’s so small. Somehow, he has combined the two guys in his mind and now refers to them both as Mr. Incredible Hulk on ocassion.


My oldest girl (nearly 10) seems to finally be coming out of her shell. I am so happy. She is moody like both of her parents but she’s having a much easier time with school (there had been some bullying incidents) and has fewer bouts of bossiness. Nothing makes her happier than standing next to me and pointing out how she is almost my size.

I have loved watching how her artistic skills have progressed.  She is still really enjoying her art classes and has starting receiving an allowance to buy some of the things that she likes. Although lately her love of all things Barbie has returned with a vengance and she mostly wants to spend on that. We have lots of discussions about the value of saving your money and spending it wisely. She has expressed an interest in sewing and has plans to design a skirt that we will make together.

Daughter#2 (girl twin):

This child is the most difficult to sum up. She is truly a little woman in a three year-old body. She has my husband contorted around her little finger. She loves to copy any dance she sees. She is often my singing partner when playing loud rock heavy music (lately Noisettes who we all LOVE). She is something of a master puzzle assembler.

She also like to try to sneak things out from under my nose, like the pencil sharpener that she is not allowed to use because she keeps spilling shavings all over the floor. She still really, really hates to have her hair combed and has so much of it that I’m not really all that thrilled to comb it either. She loves to watch cooking shows and to help me in the kitchen.


There are so many little moments of OMG this kid is crazy/silly/adorable/a pain/the love of my life/the reason I get up the morning/the reason I can’t wait for bedtime. Life’s a whirlwind.


8 thoughts on “Things I Want to Remember

  1. I really enjoyed reading it! I admire the fact that you can remember what all 4 of them did. I often have trouble recalling the funny things that Melody has done or said that day to my husband. They are their own person and it’s wonderful and funny seeing them grow up. I just wish I could record everything and play it back for my husband at night.

  2. Oh, the sister comment “is” priceless!! so sweet. You are so right it is important to jot down these memories as they occur, they grow older so quickly! A cliche, but cliches become so for a reason!

  3. love.

    i think what i love about this so much (aside from how much it reminds me of *my* 3 & 5 year old boys!) is that it lets me in on this “mom” piece of a stranger i sort of knew was a mom but didn’t really think of primarily as a mom, because this definitely isn’t a mommy-blog, and then it makes me appreciate and admire all of the sewing you do for yourself even more. i definitely had no idea you were a mother of *four* . . . i’m in awe of all that you do!

    i think it’s so cool that your older daughter wants to sew with you.

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