Merpeople. Jacket. Hair. PiBoIdMo.

These merpeople are already headed to Australia!


I really wanted to work on something new for this, but a lack of fiberfill and the time to go and buy some coupled with the looming deadline and distance they had to travel made me take a shortcut (but write a long sentence). These guys have been unloved, stuck in the “hope-to-sell-on-etsy-one-day-please God” bag along with a lot of other stuff that I will be giving away soon. They are pre-school/infant friendly as they have no buttons or small parts to remove. They are special to me because I used my oldest daughter’s drawings to make them. I hope they make someone very happy!

This jacket makes me happy!

Bargains make me happy!

A designer (Ralph Lauren) find on the cheap from the friendly neighborhood thrift store. Seven bucks! I cannot tell you how difficult it is for me to find anything with long sleeves that is also fitted. I have a relatively small upper body, am small busted and have long skinny-ish arms. If the arms are long enough, the body is too large. If the body is just right, the sleeves are too short. This jacket is a happy combo of narrow body and appropriate sleeve length! I’m happy with it. In case it wasn’t obvious ;0)

My hair.
Oh, hai hair ;o)

Still growing. Still learning to care for it in this state. Still a little impatient for it to grow.

Lastly, I’ve kept up with my picture book ideas. I’ve got 2 or 3 really good ones. Two that are extreme crap. And a handful of so-so ones. Notice the conspicuous lack of sewing update, trench coat or otherwise. Since a sleeve sewing error I have been in a sewing wasteland. But I’m feeling motivated! Progress soon.


4 thoughts on “Merpeople. Jacket. Hair. PiBoIdMo.

  1. I’m new to your site… via the long way around from felicity and ravelry.
    Have to say, I love your hair and the jacket!
    Have fun with those adorable young kids….. mine are now grown and it happened so fast!

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