Coat making inspires patience

I must admit, when I read blog posts about coat making I often wonder if they really need sooo many posts and sooo much time dedicated to them. I mean really. How much more involved could they be?


The answer is a LOT. I have already spent more time on this coat than almost anything else I’ve made. And I only actually started sewing yesterday. I spent one evening cutting the outer fabric. Another plotting the lining. Then interfacing. Then the actual sewing began last night. But I only got as far as the darts on the front pieces. Then I was back to the slow process of basting the interfacing to the fronts. I got through that and then while working on the pockets I hit a wall.

Pockets: Inside and Out

The instructions for the pocket flaps leave you with the interfacing showing on the underside. That can’t be right, can it? Even if it is, I don’t like it. But the additional problem is, I trimmed the seam allowances (on BOTH pieces) so I’m worried about taking them apart and putting them back together exactly the size they are now. Because, of course, they are perfectly identical AND perfectly sized for the pockets.

I’m going back in. I want to get the lining together so I can see if it’s crazy to use a heavy-ish polyester knit as a lining. It sounds pretty crazy…but I hate shiny poly linings in store bought coats. So what are my alternatives?


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