Good mail day

Amazon wish lists are awesome. And husbands who buy you everything on yours are even awesomer ;o)

The Loot:

Please, contain your jealousy


Three childhood favorites and two new loves that are perfect for sewing background noise. Score!

I also got, you know a craftser NEVER lets a special occasion pass without asking for some crafty thing are another, two new sewing books.













I am stunned by the awesomeness of Pattern Magic. I am thankful that I waited for the English version to be published and bow down to the greatness of those who puzzled out the Japanese version.  I now have the perfect sleeve for the coat that I’ve been sewing in my head. Do you all do that? Craft in your head?

Fit For Real People has the goods on coat sewing, among other things, that I will need for the project I cut out last night. I really wanted to use the black cord I mentioned in this post, but I didn’t have enough. I ended up using the wool I thought I would never make a project from. My mind was changed a little when I saw this awesome project. It helped that it was the only thing suitable that I have enough yardage of. I had to order another 2 yards of coating. I don’t know what I was thinking when I only got 2. Anyway. Off to watch movies and flick through Pattern Magic!


5 thoughts on “Good mail day

  1. oi! i love that coat, and your more recent post on its progress looks fantastic! i’ll have to check out those book recommendations. my favorite of course, is the pose that the real people are holding.

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