I knew there was a problem when he handed me the box….

It was too light. That much was immediately obvious. Wasn’t this box supposed to contain heavy weight wool coating?
Navy Wool Coating

Maybe I was expecting too much. It is definitely heavier than the suit weight 100% wool fabric I have. So, that’s good enough. I was hoping to be able to skip interfacing, but I think it’s necessary. Which sucks because I didn’t order enough. I’m thinking of making this really warm by using some lighter weight wool that is totally the wrong color and will likely never be made into anything (this is the danger of online discount fabric shopping) to underline it. Would that be entirely too warm you think? I know I’d like to have another cold weather option. My bubble coat is nice, but I can never buy them to fit nicely.

This striped fabric was also a part of the order and is also underwhelming me.

Spangly Stripes
It is described as Stretch Rayon Blend Jersey Knit Stripes Silver/Cream. But I didn’t anticipate that the silver would be so SILVER!! *does jazz hands*. Isn’t it possible to make something silver colored and not so spangly? I don’t know. I may still be suffering from what I will forever refer to as “The Great Glitter Incident of 2010“. There is seriously glitter EVERYWHERE in my house. I actually hand washed the living room floor in the hope that it would take some of it up. There is so much stuck to the kids, who actually played with the monstrosity, that I don’t have a hope of getting it off them anytime this year. Or possibly the next one.

I’m not really the spangly type. But I LOVE stripes. Maybe I can work this into a project with the rest of the white jersey I have. The cuffs and hem maybe. Like this shirt. That could work, since both are kind of thin to wear alone anyway.

I hate semi-disapointing fabric orders. Sigh.


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