31 years today

That’s how long I’ve been around ;0)
B-Day outfit, 3rd choice wins

This was not what I intended to wear for my b-day dinner date, but a huge surge of insecurity had me reaching for something comfy and cool to wear. I’m glad I made that choice and I’m happy I went out even though I REALLY wanted to stay home.

I planned on the Anthro inspired shirt, but there were too many decisions to make about pintuck placement and how much width to add for them. My mood was too sour for that much contemplation this past week.

So, I made a dress in the same style as this top only with the the gray from the skirt on the bottom instead. It was super clingy as is, so I made a lining. Which came out too tight and it created some very unflattering rolls and lumps. So the dress will have to wait for a proper slip to be worn under it. Nothing ruins a birthday like highlighting your stomach pouch and saddlebags, lol

So, this outfit won. The splatter print is a cotton/lycra blend and the solids are rayon blends. The skirt is lined with some really weird ribbed dot print nylon blend fabric (the same as the too tight dress lining) that works out well as it’s smooth and heavy. But would have looked crap as a dress. Or anything really.

The top is SO easy to make. I’m going to do a little tutorial about it soon. And the skirt is just a front and back attached to a double fold waist band. Super easy, especially on a serger.

I also made these peacock feather earrings. Which provided some comic relief when one went rouge from the earwire and got stuck to the collar of my coat. Lol, I am not an experienced jewelry maker.

We went to my favorite place and ate a really great meal and came home to children already put to bed. Perfect! Today, I spent 2 hours wondering around alone while Missy was in art class and then we went to Target and bought a Barbie toy from hell that has glitter all over my apartment, children, dirty laundry, myself and my husband. Happy Birthday to me ;o)

This was the first thing she bought with saved allowance and money given to her by grandparents. I wanted to caution her against it, but we agreed that she could buy what she wanted this first time. Well, she has used all of the glitter and the thing is pretty much useless now…way to learn a lesson about spending wisely. I couldn’t have planned it better.

Oh, you can see my minimal hair growth in this picture:
B-Day outfit, 3rd choice wins
It’s a little longer than it looks, it’s still curled pretty tightly here. It’s growing in nicely, if slowly. Well off to de-glitter.


8 thoughts on “31 years today

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Many Happy Returns of the Day!
    It’s really nice how you are sewing and creating wonderful, beautiful items. What a special day for you!

  2. Happy birthday!
    I adore your earrings, even if they provided you with a “moment”…
    And may I say, your hair is quite beautiful!
    Thankyou so much for your comment on my blog!

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