Birthday Shirt?

Firstly, there is a lot of blog activity today. Thanks for stopping by wherever you all are coming from!

Now, onto the title topic. My bday is next week (Saturday) and I was just informed that there will be a dinner date on Friday. We are not really huge on celebrating things on or near the dates they occur because…well lots of reasons. There are six of us and trying to come up with, keep up with and celebrate with specific deadlines just seems like a lot of work to me.

Despite that, I figured we might use the occasion of my birth to weasel someone into keeping the kids so we could go out. But I knew that it might not necessarily be next weekend. Anyway, I was thinking I might make myself something to wear like I did last year. I actually had an outfit in mind (one that I made and haven’t blogged yet) but I was waiting for these boots I ordered roughly last century to arrive. Well, they have and I don’t think they will work with the outfit (booooooooooooooo!).

But they might work with something like this (which is, of course, from Anthropologie):

Anthropologie Inspiration

In white with tight black pants. Maybe… I think I am sufficiently over the trauma of the BurdaStyle book pintucks to get on with this many in one project.

I was thinking of using pattern “D” from Stylish Dress Book I as a jumping off point.

What do you think? Crazy to make something else when I have different boots that will go perfectly well with the other outfit? Make the damn thing and use up some more of the ton of white shirting I have? Either way I will have to do something to keep the sad away while all of my friends are at Rhinebeck this weekend.


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