Ideas. One a day for a month.

This is a challenge much more suited for me than writing a novel in a month. Ideas I can do. Ideas are my playground. I LOVE to come up with story and movie and picture book and play and sitcom and 1-hour drama ideas. Where I stumble? The actual writing. Which, ya know, is a pretty important part of being a writer. Some might say the most important, but you can’t write if you don’t have ideas. Can you?

I say all that to introduce you to what I will be keeping busy with in the month of November. While some write their novel or knit their sweater or blog once a day, I will be developing one picture book idea per day for the entire month. It’s a challenge hosted by a new-ish to me blog, Writing for Kids While Raising Them, picture book author Tara Lazar’s online home.

As Austin Powers would say: The idea business is my bag, baby!  I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been trying not to write out anything that I’m thinking of now, which is mostly pondering ideas that I’ve thought of before.

This event is prompting me to do something that I’ve never done before, put some of my writing online. This is not a picture book, but rather a short script. I wrote it to enter a competition for the funding to shoot it but, as usual, the winner was someone with a lot more experience under her belt (at least it was a woman, and one of color too!). It’s short and simple, which was required for the competition. It’s called Reunion*. I hope you like it.

*All work posted here is my property and is for personal reading only. It is not to be copied, shared or re-posted without my express permission. By dowloading this pdf you are agreeing to those terms. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Ideas. One a day for a month.

  1. Very, very good. Four wonderful pages of feeling myself in the moment in each scene; the bathroom, the car…
    That’s important to me when I read; to feel the characters element right away. I got that feeling from your writing

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