Spirale de Cuir Earrings

Here is the tutorial I promised for those earring!

NOTE: The head pins in the pair in this pic are larger and thicker than the ones in the tutorial. I didn’t have more of these for the photos. The larger base allows the bottom of the spiral to sit on the edge and prevents it from sliding through.


I hope some of you enjoy making and wearing them! They are comfy and light. Wearable and quite effortlessly stylish. I think they’d make a great addition to any wardrobe.


Edited to add: I bought the leather I used to make these on etsy from Double J Journals. Great customer service. She showed concern that I get my package in a timely manner and was pleased with the quality. The leather pieces were in great condition and large enough to make many different kinds of items from.


6 thoughts on “Spirale de Cuir Earrings

  1. Thanks for the tutorial, you did such a great job. and they look easy to create, too.
    You didn’t secure the headpin inside the leather? Isn’t the leather too heavy and slips down? Or the spiral is so tight that it’s ok?

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