Hat Obsessed!

Hat Obsessed!

Hat Obsessed!

These are my third and fourth hats sewn from this pattern.  My aunt said I looked like a twenties movie star in the second one I made. But that’s not the reason why I made so many. 😮

I’ve made so many for several reasons.
One, I have a large-ish head that poses some fit challenges ;o)
Two, I am missing most of my hair and that also poses some fit challenges.
Three, I made some rookie printing errors for the first two*.
Four, the pattern is friggin’ awesome and SO EASY!

Seriously, I made these two in about 20 mins. The black version (bottom) is made with denim from a pair of jeans that there wasn’t a chance in hell of me fitting in again. Absolutely NO chance. The lining is a skirt that was in the repurpose heap for the same reason.

The blue version (top) is made from two purchased fabrics (stretch denim and 100% cotton poplin), but just the scraps leftover from other projects. There’s another reason to make this hat, it’s superb for using up scraps. I like the weight and sturdiness of the black version. That denim is pretty thick. The blue version is more pliable but still very wearable.

The other patterns from this seller are more expensive. Offering this one so inexpensively is a great idea. I must admit, I am cheap. I was skeptical of paying so much despite the fact that I’ve always liked many of the designs listed. If they are all drafted this fantastically, my next sewing related purchase will definitely be this cloche. Price be damned.

I must also note, how extremely helpful and generous the designer, Sue, is. She emailed me TONS of free resources, tips and instructions in addition this pattern. The directions for which include pictures and written instructions. Though you hardly need them, what to do is so clear. I can’t rave enough!

*These two are sewn from the pattern exactly. My first version was too small because Adobe set the printing to 97%. The second one I made larger on my own. And for these two I finally noticed the percentage error. The instructions TELL you to check this but, alas, I did not. Regardless, each and every time, the pieces went together like clockwork. And now my kids have two more hats to play in.

PS- I made those earring I’m wearing, too. With leather scraps I bought from this etsy seller. I will do a little tutorial this week.


4 thoughts on “Hat Obsessed!

  1. Hello Nettie

    why thank you so much for giving my pattern such a nice write up. I try really hard for my customers, so I appreciate that you noticed a benefit from it. Much appreciated!

    Cheers Sue

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