Gocco with Kids

I bought my Gocco printer in May. I had the item on watch on ebay and laid in wait till the last minutes of the auction and made my bid. Someone had outbid me previously with this tactic and I think I was more excited about getting some get back than the actual purchase. Which is stoopid. I shouldn’t have been spending the money even if this was an unbelievable deal ($94, including shipping).

Though I have wanted a Gocco for years, when it finally got in my hands I didn’t use it. It has been sitting in its box mocking me for my stupid clicky impulses and general lack of drawing skills. Cause what the hell was I going to print now that I had the damn thing?!?

Cut to now and my recent sewing surge (I have at least 6 projects to blog about, including hats!) and my realization that I buy too much yardage when I buy fabric. Do I really need 3 yards of a 60 inch wide bolt? Not really. This is cool when the fabric is basic, but when it’s bright green (NEON) micropoly how many items can you reasonably make out of it? I planned to print some of it up with my gocco, but realized just in time that I needed to use cotton or cotton blends. So, I had the kids each draw a small picture for me and I printed those instead. So much fun!

Gocco Printing with Kids

Close up

Both fabrics fall into that online sale impulse “ooooh, it’s only $1.95 so I’ll get like….6 yards!” area. I don’t even like the way I look in this khaki color so why did I buy it? Anyway, they’re both 100% cotton, the burgundy has a much smoother hand. I made this skirt with some of the masses of it that I had/have. And this dress, which is a favorite of mine. I’m not sure what the khaki will become, possibly little box bags for the kids, the burgundy I want to use to line the new purse I’m planning to make. So I have a little bit of them and their creativity with me wherever I go.


One thought on “Gocco with Kids

  1. Wow, I have wanted one of those Gocco machines. For what? I don’t know. It probably sit around also. 🙂

    The children’s drawings are a brilliant idea. Maybe you can make the kids some tote bags for library books?

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