Friday, Good Day

Now that school has started, Fridays have meaning again. My children stayed home with me during the summer and had the extreme luxury of doing exactly what they wanted all day. Summer programs were not in the cards for us. But I like to think that I made the most of it with them.

Everyone is thrilled that it’s Friday, especially Missy (my oldest daughter). Her Saturday art classes start tomorrow and she is BUSTING with excitement. This will be her fourth term and her third type of class. This one should be good and messy as printmaking will be involved.

This Friday included ice cream cake. Homemade especially for them by their grandma (my MIL).
Ice Cream Cake Courtesy of Grandma

For me, Friday meant making a new skirt, cutting a shirt to be completed after lights out and plans to knit while I watch Julia Child’s Chefography.

My creation

I am a little obsessed with her since watching Julie & Julia. I’ve always loved her. I have been a food TV watcher since the days when it was only on PBS. I will read a little of her book My Life in France before bed and try to get to sleep so I can wake up early for the sixth day in a row.

Thank you to everyone that sent some positive encouragement over the interwebs to me today. It helped more than words can say.


2 thoughts on “Friday, Good Day

  1. Did you quit your job? I just recently watched Julie & Julia (streamed from Netflix). It was not bad at all. I had read the book many years ago and was worried that the movie adaptation would ruin it. Though the Shopaholic movie was a bust.

  2. Hi

    I came across your blog one day and it’s nice to find we have some things in common, so I’ve decided to subscribe. I also have watched food on tv or as I call it, cooking shows since the PBS food programs. I even remember that french lady or french chef, Madeleine ( I think that was her name), Julia, Jacques, and the Frugal Gourmet. There were others, too. The earrings are cute. Your site is REAL and inspiring.

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