New Refashion!

Once upon a time, I had a red dress that I LOVED. It hugged my curves and was possibly the first red anything that I wore as young woman. It was attention getting. I was/am not an attention seeker. But in this dress, I was.

Enter childbearing (x4). Enter more pronounced hips…and belly. Enter the dress in the never-to-be-worn-again pile. This picture is the only one appropriate to post online. It’s so tight, showing anything lower falls into the indecent catergory.

I cut off that fabulous wide yoke, put it to one side and pondered what to do with the rest of it. Inspiration came from many places and ideas came and went. I ultimately decided to try out an idea for a shirt that I wanted to practice first. I don’t have much of the jersey I wanted to make it from. So this is my wearable muslin.

Me and my Lady

I used Ichigogirl’s Anna Top from BurdaStyle for the bottom part. For the top, this is the part I wanted to practice, I cut a long rectangle on the fold and then folded that in half again to cut the neck out. It was good that I practiced (and that this purple material was dirt cheap) I made the neck opening much too wide the first time. Attaching the two pieces was the other thing that I wanted to practice, it went better than I expected. I love the finished top, even though I don’t think I’ll repeat the bust detail the next time around. For that section, I cut the seam allownace off, since the bust size of the pattern was larger than my own.

Don’t you love all of Mrs. Doonan’s fancy dials? My little son calls this my dressmaker ;o) They are all very excited about it and even draped a project on it (several scarves) the day after it came home. You can see the difference in size between us two. I’m happy to say, I think the shirt looks better on me than her.

My creation


2 thoughts on “New Refashion!

  1. Let me first say that you do not like a woman who gave birth to 4 kids. You look great. What an awesome refashion! This sewing thing is totally right up your alley!

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