Kids Clothes Week*: Cowls for Sisters

Let me start by saying that my boys are feeling some kinda way about all this sewing not happening for them ;o) Why are boy projects so boring/difficult?

This was made employing the same technique of using an existing shirt as a guide like my own cowl top. COMPLETELY on the serger. Zip, zip, zip.
It fits her so well!! I am so excited about actually having a use for the rest of this fabric. I have about 6 more yards of this (100% cotton pointelle knit). Oy. At $1.95 a yard, this shirt cost a little over 2 bucks. Can’t beat that. I had to get creative with the sleeve finishing. I have continually underestimated her size when buying clothes and I didn’t want to risk the sleeves being too short. This worked out perfectly.

This one was made slightly different. I wanted to experiment with making drop shoulder style sleeves. I like it okay for this but I probably wouldn’t make my own tops this way too often. This cowl also sits differently because, in a bonehead move, I cut the necklines the same in the front and back. It doesn’t make a huge difference. My girl certainly doesn’t mind. She’s just thrilled to look like her big sis. Because of their difference in age it’s impossible to buy them matching things like I can do with the boys who are practically the same size. I was able to fold these over without worrying about them being too short. I was pretty sure that this was going to be slightly large on her. This was the only thing done on the sewing machine. Both have simple serge finished hems.

I still have the rest of today to make my boys something. I want to try some simple elastic waist pants like these. I have some nice black corduroy I can use. But it attracts lint like a magnet….not so good for boys who LIVE on the floor.

*Kid’s Clothes week as organized by Elsie Marley.


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