Kid’s Clothes Week*: Skirts for sisters

Kid's Clothes Week: Skirts for sisters

These are for my girls.
Obviously one is much older than the other ;o)
For the brown one I used a pattern from the 8/2009 issue of Burda Style (in which practically everything is wearable and classic) and no pattern at all for the red one. It’s essentially two squares serged together with the two ends finished on the serger. Whack on a hem and make a casing for the elastic and you’re done. I used this insanely helpful tutorial to make my first ever slant pockets. *wipes a tear* :o)

They are being helpfully modeled by Mrs. Doonan, my new dress form.
Mrs. Doonan
I got her off of Craig’s list for $30 bucks! My very nice hubby picked it up for and braved the prospect of being emasculated while traveling on the bus with it to bring it home. In Brooklyn. As if that weren’t enough, he googled bookstores near the pick up locale so that he could bring me a copy of Mockingjay. I had just finished Catching Fire and I was absolutely dying to get the next one but stuck home with the kiddies. Nice hubbies rock.

Named for Simon Doonan, he of the Barney’s window dressing fame and author of my current read, Mrs. Doonan and I are not exactly the same size. It’s really a shame that I didn’t contact the seller in time to get the larger one that she had. She’s about right in the bust region but my waist, though small for someone with 4 children, is not nearly this tiny. And the hips/ass area?

Mrs. Doonan's diminutive rear

Forget about it!

*Kid’s Clothes week as organized by Elsie Marley.


6 thoughts on “Kid’s Clothes Week*: Skirts for sisters

  1. Cute skirts. And I wish you lots of fun with mrs. Doonan. I know I love my dress form, wouldn’t know what to do without her anymore. (I never named her though. Think she’s offended because of that? Maybe I should think of a name quickly!)

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