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Five things.

1. I love that I can lay down at anytime without dealing with my hair.
2. It has inspired me to pull out my accessories and handmade clothes and actually wear them.
3. It has sparked my creativity. I have been sewing like a madwoman and experimenting with jewelry and accessory design a lot lately.
4. A BIG ONE. I love that I was brave enough to do it. I still struggle with insecurities about my looks. Not having any hair to hide behind is a big deal for me.
5. The BIGGEST ONE. I am showing my children that a woman can look any way that she wants. They are slowly getting used to their new mom. It’s really important to me that they know that long straight hair does not automatically equal beauty.


The lazy way ;o)

I got through more etsy listings than I thought I would before tiring out.

I am cleaning house peeps. Here it what’s up for grabs.

A whack of stuff listed on Etsy.

And this.

Top row:

  • Designer Flag Chino Pearl White 68 x 64 inches a massive amount of fabric, this is a nice heavy weight more suited for pants and jackets. $8
  • Cotton Lawn in a green/brown leaf print, very lightweight/sheer 38 x 52 inches. The second pic gives you an idea of the scale. $5

Row 2:

  • Pink 100% Cotton Poplin 2yds at least 45 inches wide I can measure exactly if you’re interested.  $6
  • Biege/Brown plaid cotton shirting 42×72 inches. I made these pants out of a solid color of this same shirting. $7

Row 3:

  • Cotton Rib Pointelle Knit, Green  45×72 (also have blue 45×108 $7), very light weight. I’ve kept some to make my girls shirts. $5
  • Stretch Rib Nylon multi colored bubble print 62×74. Nice heavy-ish hand. It has a silky feel, suitable for wrap style dresses and drape-y tops.  $5

Row 4:

  • Dryflex high performance knit. Polyester. Bright Green. I used this in a beige color to make this top. It has nice drape and weight. $8

Row 5:

  • 90% Cotton/10% lycra Jersey Knit. Heavy-ish weight. 60×108 app. I purchased 4 yds and made one item from it, so more than 3 yds actually remain. $10
  • 100% Cotton Check Shirting Balck/Olive 54×78, penny included for scale. The green is a deeper color than my camera can capture. $5

Not pictured, a cut of beige cotton chino 86×58 inches wide. $10

For the knitters reading this, I have some stash for sale on Ravelry.

I will also list some sewing and knitting books once I pry them off of the bookshelf.

Paypal payments for all item. Will be shipped Priority Flat Rate $4.95 with a few exceptions, like the lightweight fabrics that will clearly be less than that. If you’d like more than one thing and they both fit in the box/envelope it will ship for $4.95

Make me an offer or ask questions in the comments. Thanks!


That’s what they call it when you chop off your relaxed hair down to your natural hair. I never in a million years thought that I would cut my hair so short, but I must say that I love it! I still sometimes flinch when I catch a glimpse of myself, but more often than not, I like what I see. With my level of indecisiveness and high probability of shoulda-coulda-woulda this is the best I can ask for.

Me, sans hair.

Unfortunately, this means that my hair journey 365 attempt has sort of been aborted. My camera seems to be dying a slow death anyway and I really can’t be bothered remember to take a photo of myself each day. I think I will do my own version of this project. 365 photos, but taken at random. I’ll see.

Meanwhile, I’m sewing. I had an idea for a multi-directional stripe dress that quickly turned into a circus dress. So, back to the drawing board on that one. I’ve cut out a simple kimono sleeve wrap dress that I will whip up later. And I will make an attempt at making a fitted dress for me. I think I’ve finally worked up a bodice that I like, the fit of the skirt always presents an issue. But, I will be attempting my first swayback* adjustment to see if I can finally achieve the look that I want. Stay tuned.

*BurdaStyle appears to have dropped the ball with their suggestion to raise the waistline. A more detailed solution was found here after much google searching.

365: Mostly hair edition

365 Blogged

I am transitioning from chemically straightened hair to all natural. I have done this once before, prior to blogging/flicker-ing. There were several reasons that I gave up and had my haired permed again. Chief among them, my hair was so time consuming that I couldn’t hack it.

I was in school, I was working, I was taking care of my oldest daughter’s plentiful hair. It was too much.

But, there has been a quiet revolution in natural hair care. There are thousands of youtube videos about styling and caring for natural hair. So many blogs that I could never possibly visit them all. I have learned so many things I could have done to ease my burden. Starting with cutting some of it off!

Black women very rarely look at that as a solution. I had a MASSIVE amount of hair. Taking a few inches off would have made my life so much easier.

‘Tis no matter. I’m headed back and can try all of those things this second time around. I want my daughters to know that without some seriously stinky and time consuming alterations, my hair looks just like theirs.

By picture 365 of this go round. I will look like a different person.

Stay tuned.