Burda Book Project: DONE

I got her done!!

And not a moment too soon.

I was over this thing, man.

Now that it’s done, I kinda like it!!  LOL
I thought it looked pretty good on me to not be my size. I am about 2 sizes smaller on top than I am on the bottom, so I would never have cut them the same size if I were making this for me. I’ve taken more photos, that I can’t show you until like next year….which is too bad, I like them.

Here is a little preview:

5/365: Burda Dress Preview

I have so many other things I want to get done. And now I can do them without the guilt of neglecting this project hanging over my head.

Also, I may never make a pintuck again for the rest of my sewing life.

It was quite stressful to sew with a firm deadline. It was also frightening to think that my home seamstress skills would be scrutinized by professionals. Thanks to some firm encouragement (read-nagging) from my hubby, this thing got down today and in the mail immediately following.


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