Cool Breeze Pants

You know how you can see the project in your minds eye and just hope like hell that your winging it in the right direction?

Yeah, that’s these pants. A success!!!!

Cool Breeze Pants
Pants, Back

I basically cut the pants using a pj pants pattern as a guide for the crotch.
But with CRAZY volume added to the legs.
At the top I folded back the sides until it fit my waist.
I tacked it down on both sides right at the hip mark and added snaps for decoration.
I added some belt loops to the back.
And attached ties to each side of the pants just behind the snaps.
String the ties through the loops, cross them in the middle loop and tie.
I gave them a wide hem at the bottom and added button holes at the side seams.
I plan to string a ring of fabric through to give myself the option of drawing the bottom closed.
I left the edges of the ties raw, I think the rustic look of the cotton shirting I used suites that look.

I really love these!! I’m examining the stash for a second pair ;o)


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