The Awful Truth: When Your Presser Foot LIES

For Mother’s Day my very nice hubby bought me all of the sewing books on my Amazon wish list as well as a pintuck presser foot. I have always loved pintucks. Easy to execute and incorporate with the potential for big impact depending in placement. What’s not to love?

Apparently, I should have saved the hubby some money and continued making my pintucks the old fashioned way. Cause this foot, in my experience at least, is useless! It’s not making tucks, more like parallel lines. Which I could do with the twin needle alone…..

Chucking this p.i.t.a attachment aside, I went back to the old fold-and-stitch method I used making the blue skirt in this post. Here are the MUCH better results, in three parts.

Large Tucks
1. Pre Pressing, 2. Pressed, 3. Fluffed

Large, closely spaced tucks.

Too large for my purposes (Burda book dress) but really beautiful, I think. Perhaps on a dress bodice? A center panel.

Set of 5
1. Pre Pressing, 2. Pressed, 3. Fluffed

Smallish, medium spaced.

This set of five is much better for what I have planned for the dress! I have some pintucked areas on the dress with sets of three and some with sets of five. But using matching thread, of course ;o)

Set of 3
1. Pre Pressing, 2. Pressed, 3. Fluffed

This set of three is also good. I achieved more uniform spaces here.

What do you think?


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