Thread Talk

Sew, Mama, Sew! Has a little contest on right now. Answer the following questions and be entered to win sewing lovelies. How could I resist? And why would I!

  • How did you select colors for your personal thread collection?

Honestly, I mostly guess. I almost never remember to bring swatches with me and when I do, I end up using the thread for a totally different project in the end.

  • Do you always match the color perfectly to your project?

I try to match it as well as I can. Which is sometimes not even close, lol. In those cases where an exact match is impossible, I go for contrast.

  • Do you ever use contrasting thread?

Yes, see above ;o)

  • Do you use the same color in the bobbin as the upper thread?

I usually do. That way I’m not locked into sewing the right or wrong side always up or always down. If you know what I mean. The only time I break from this habit is when I don’t have enough of the right color for both.

  • What if a fabric has big areas of very different colors?

I match the most dominant color. Unless I think that using one of the less dominant ones makes for a nice contrast/detail.

  • Do you have any tips or suggestions about choosing thread?

Not about choosing it, no. I would warn sewers to always buy more than you think you need, though.

  • Can you show us a picture(s) of your thread collection?

Yes. Here you go:Thread Can, Inside

Not much, as you can see. I keep them all inside this can.
Thread Can
I got this from my former boss.
She bought in Israeli chocolates (which were yummy) from her family and I snatched up the cans (I have another) as soon as they were empty.

  • Do you ever buy thread because you fall in love with the color (without a particular project in mind)?

Yes. I actually ended up finding something to make just so I could use it ;o)

  • Do you “invest” in thread?

I’ve only made one investment purchase. This really beautiful variegated thread that’s supposed to be used for quilting.
The special one

I got the idea to use it for buttonholes from this post. I even bought the same fabric, but I’ve been too chicken to cut it.

  • What types of thread do you have? (elastic, quilting, all-purpose, wool, etc.)

I have all of the above, except for wool. But I’m intrigued so I will probably buy some the first opportunity I get.


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