Drool Worthy Etsy shops

I sometimes troll Etsy for inspiration like one would Anthropologie or…whatever else the people of the blogisphere are inspired by. At least once a day, I fall totally in love with something that I either don’t need or can’t afford. Usually both.

Here are some clothing designers that I love to covet:

Lirola– Who makes stretch jersey both casual enough AND elegant enough to wear any where.

David Chou Design– Look at these pants. They could make anybody’s ass look hot.

Hier Apparel– If I had my way, I’d own one of everything in this shop. Maybe two of each belt.

Modaspia– So simple, yet elegant.

Forêt– Again. Simplicity and grace.

NewExtrave– The designer of these looks must see my secret desire to live in loose skirts and exceptionally wide leg pants for the rest of the summer.

And a few little things that I absolutely don’t need but WANT:

Lilla Lotta– Obviously, I must put twill tape on everything now.

Karaku– Every kind of stamp your heart could ever desire, nevermind that you don’t actually have anything to stamp.

Brookish– Because who doesn’t want to carry a lilttle piece of Darcy or Wentworth with them everyday?

Vessels and Wares– I promised myself that when I grew up, I would fill my house with all the lovely things I didn’t have while young. Then I went and had children which kinda put the kibosh on that… This is the best update of a childhood favorite ever! I loved our wire mesh hanging basket, but this one kicks its ass!

So spill. What’s on your covet list?


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