Half-Assed Shorts

My creation

Don’t be fooled by the picture.
These shorts, though simple looking, have been the most frustrating sewing project of the year (so far).

If I hope to complete my Wardrobe Refashion project, I will either have to become a much better shorts/trousers sewer or rethink my selected projects.

Pattern: Burda Mag 6/2009
Fabric: Cotton Sateen, which may be cursed. I had fit issues with the last project I used this fabric for. I didn’t even bother fixing any of the issues, like the too thin waistband and the atrocious front zip panel (which is zip-less, I just sewed it up). Let’s just say, I will be wearing all of my tunics and long shirts with these, lol

I’m rocking my lace cami with it. I have another lace project on the brain now. If only it would cool down by about 20 degrees. I might feel like moving then. Until that time, I will dream about cool cotton shirting in a dark navy and deep blue lace.

Image from Forever 21’s website.


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