Lace Cami Copy

Lacy Cami Copy(ish)

My creation

1. Lacy Cami Copy(ish), 2. Armhole finish and strap, 3. Lace Hem, 4. Lace Facings

This was so much fun to figure out! I have officially become addicted to shopping for lace and trim on etsy. I used 100% cotton (listed as cotton lining) for the body, all of the thick white lace and most of the the thin one from this order, some reclaimed buttons (likely taken from a shirt before I tossed it), some poly hem tape to finish the armholes and thin elastic thread for the button loops.

This was mostly inspired by this top from Victoria’s Secret that I saw in Lucky Magazine. Though, this is a really simple top, there were a ton of little things that made it take a long time. Attaching the armhole finishing and pressing those thin straps took the longest. I nearly lost some finger prints pressing such thin pieces of material! I used a racer back tank top from Old Navy as a guide for cutting the top.

I initially made it too boxy and had to take it in about an inch, tapering out the side seams. If I had fabric with more drape, I could have left it like that. I attached the lace to the front exactly like I would attach facings, except with the intention for them to stay to the outside. I can already think of some changes to make in the order of construction next time. Like attaching the strap to the tape at the armhole for a cleaner finish and adding the lace across the top so that the raw edge is concealed.

All in all, VERY satisfying! I sometimes prefer these go with the flow projects to following patterns. I may try another one using some cotton jersey. That would be my second top for the pattern review contest complete!


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