Pattern Review Wardrobe Challenge

Pattern Review Wardrobe Challenge

My children are at the age where it would probably be best if I wore dark jeans and (long enough to cover all my bits while lifting and bending) black t-shirts all the time. But, like most women, I would like to look a bit nicer than that. I was doing okay while working outside the home. I’m worried that now that I’m back to staying at home with the kids I will revert back to my old bad dressing habits.
May this contest, and the resulting wardrobe keep that from happening!

This storyboard may change, but I feel pretty satisfied with it at the moment. I am still not sure if I can officially enter this challenge and upload photos without having a paid membership at Pattern Review, something I’m not sure I want to invest in. But, the challenge and it’s deadlines will stand whether I am “officially” competing or not.

Click here for Pattern Review Rules


One thought on “Pattern Review Wardrobe Challenge

  1. I would love to know where I could find the pattern for the topper that you have showing on wardrobe challenge. That is too cool!

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