Skirt to Flouncy Top Refashion

Skirt Refashion

There was not a chance in hell of my ass ever fitting into this size 6 skirt (and looking well) again. I almost tossed it in the donate pile, but the soft bias cut linen begged to stay with me.

After a date with my sewing machine and serger, a new top was born!

It was DEAD simple.

1. Cut off the drawstring waist plus about 2 inches.
2. Use a sleeveless top (or pattern) as a guide for cutting the armholes.
3. Serge or zig zag stitch the top edges.
4. Using your iron, press the armholes edges back about 1/2 inch. You can alternatively finish with bias tape or lace. Or make facings. My method worked just fine.
5. Fold over and sew the top edges to make a casing for your drawstring. I basted the hem first to try it on, to be sure that it was long enough. Then finished with a decorative stitch.
6. Weave in your drawstring. I used the one that came with the skirt.


It’s soooo comfy. I’m still wearing it now.


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