Summer Essentials

A couple of posts back, I extolled Me-Made-May and Kid’s Clothes week and then promptly fell out of sight. I did manage to complete the jammies I planned.

New PJs!!

And the Matryoshka top from the last post was completed that week. Me-Made-May suffered a worse fate. I ended up spending most of May in my home. The furthest I went from the house was the grocery store most days. I had little motivation to dress up or sew new things. I did do some pattern drafting and altering for some projects I had in mind, but that was about it. Oh! I did sew a new bag which has been in heavy rotation.

June has seen a slight change in my attitude. I am feeling more inclined to watch what I wear. The warm weather has helped some with that. The problems that made May difficult haven’t been resolved, but my resolve not to let them get to me has strengthened. I think my new haircut may have helped ;o)

I am ready to jump back in the sewing saddle and with that new challenges. The first of which is the:

I had already been thinking of ways to maximum my sewing skills by making things that I actually love to wear. My essentials list was shockingly easy to come up with:

1. Long flirty tiered skirt that can double as a dress. With that versatile wide smocked waist.

  • my husband LOVES me in these, and I LOVE to wear them.

2. Loose flow-y top. Possibly with a handkerchief hem.

3. Paper bag waist shorts/pants.

  • With a nice slim tank and flats, I can wrangle the kiddies and still look nice.

4. A Playsuit/Romper/Jumper/Jumpsuit

  • I do not know why I am compelled to make this. I don’t even really like shorts… But, the desire will not go away. If I hate it, I can give it to my sister.

5. Loose flowy cotton pants. Possibly wrap pants like these. I am trying to stay away from Hammer pants… I can’t reasonably wear a romper and harem pants in the same year.

  • These are usually made of linen, but I am too cheap to buy linen and I have a TON of cotton shirting readily available.

BONUS: Lacy cami type tops for the extreme heat days.

  • I’m ordering a whack of lace from an etsy seller or this express purpose.

So there we are! A nice, doable list. Well, it’s doable on paper (web-blog) anyway. Let’s see how much real life  (continues to) get in the way, shall we ;o)


One thought on “Summer Essentials

  1. Great list! I’ve seen a playsuit on a number of folks’ lists: I want one, too! I’m particularly looking forward to your camis — I’d like to make some, and I imagine it’s fairly easy, but don’t know where to start. 🙂 Happy sewing.

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