Putting the Sew in Sown Brooklyn

Okay peeps. I started this new blog primarily to chronicle my journey of sewing for profit. Somehow, I’ve managed to mostly avoid that topic ;o)

Well, here are two finished projects that may make the cut.

This little thing was a pain in the ass to design/figure out. But it’s so cute on her, I’m over it.

This is the first in a line of items I hope to sell. Though, I am no longer feeling optimistic about that idea. It was super difficult to figure out how long/short to make everything. I ended up cutting about 3 inches from it after stitching the top and bottom together and the two halves were not the same size despite my careful measuring….annoying.

These ties are not quite right either…they are too long and a little too thick. I am pleased with the elastic waist application and the overall fit (after all of the altering….). I think I may go with a drawstring waist next time, I plan to make a version of this for myself and for Missy (my oldest) that will feature one.

Matryoshka doll top!
She loves it because it has dollies.
I love it because it used one (of my many) half yard cut of fabric. The back is tied with thin store bought bias binding.

The pattern is an ancient simplicity (??) one I bought from the only fabirc store we had downtown Brooklyn, Save-a-Thon. It is, sadly, no longer there.

This top could use some tweaking. I love this shape and have actually been trying to design something similar for myself, though it would be button front.

I am thinking of coming up with my own version of this (again for sale….eventually) featuring a different neckline shape and closure. I’m thinking pullover with a keyhole front opening. The back opening, while unique, sits a little funny. Maybe I could have made it one size smaller. I will have another chance to practice since Missy is certainly expecting one of her own ;o)


6 thoughts on “Putting the Sew in Sown Brooklyn

  1. Not that I have anything that you probably did not already consider, but on the little halter one-piece…why not make it 3-4 inches longer than you think and let it blouse at the waist. It seems if it is too short it will be uncomfortable. With a drapier fabric it would look cute I think. My 19 year old daughter has purchased one-piece short outfits and they all have quite a bit of extra length.

    • You are dead on! The top is a little too short to stay bloused while she runs around. A fabric with more drape would help as well as a little more length. Thanks for your helpful feedback ;o)

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