New Duds: Me-Made-May Looks

Me-Made-May 5.1.10

This top used to look like this which is basically a modified pattern from Sew U Home Stretch.

I took little tucks all around. Two on the front, two in the back and at each side. I stitched them down about 1/2 an inch. I think it has done wonders for it. As it was I would have never worn the top. But now, wearable and worn ;o)

This was the first day of Me-Made-May and I was fortunate enough to be granted great weather. It was gorgeous outside!

This top is super comfy. It could still stand to be a little longer, but it works with this skirt. The skirt is such a go-to item, I really should make more.

Me-Made-May #2

Though this was worn on the 4th day of the month, I was only on outfit #2 ;O)
I only went out for groceries on Sunday and was home from work Monday. This dress is, of course, inspired by the Tie Front Mociun dress that half the craftiverse has copied.

Pattern: A slightly modified version of Dress M from Stylish Dress Book 1
Fabric: Cotton Poplin $1.95 a yard from (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This dress cost about $4, and I’m rounding up.

Me-Made-May #3

Another Me-Made outfit!!
This one with the added bonus of serged seams! So professional looking I can hardly stand it.

The top is the same heavily modified BBW Sew U Home Stretch pattern that I used for my other knit tops. I free-styled the shirt detail and had to hold back from overdoing it, it was so much fun. Lol It’s plain ole cotton jersey, in a color I probably wouldn’t have bought in the store but kinda love.

The skirt is from this McCalls vintage pattern, but I clearly went in a totally different direction.
I added pintucks and used the darts as a further detail on the outside. I kinda love the look of it and plan to use it again. I used stretch cotton sateen from, which was not in the $1.95 section for a change.

Though I like the skirt, it’s another reminder that I tend to over estimate the size I need. This skirt is still a little too big. With the stretch fabric, I could have really made it more fitted and it would have been fine. Next time, I guess. I still have about 4 yds of this fabric and plan to make pants and shorts from it.

Lots more to come from Me-Made-May!! Check out all of the beautiful work popping up in the flickr group!


4 thoughts on “New Duds: Me-Made-May Looks

  1. I love that dress! It’s so perfect for the season.

    Love the tops, too — but why are you thinking you’re bigger than you are??

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