A Challenge. Or three.

If you read sewing blogs at all, then I’m sure you’ve heard about


Some people, like Zoe who started this whole thing, will be striving to wear handmade every day in May. Personally, I’m shooting for 2 or 3 handmade days a week. That will involve sewing more garments as I only have so many spring/summer handmade thing to wear at the mo.

That’s what will make it a challenge for me. A challenge to use the tons of fabric I have (as well as the stuff on its way to me ;D) and actually making the time to sew up the stuff I daydream about during the day and dream about at night. You can follow along with all of the participants over on Flickr where we are posting actively in the group discussion area. Many people, myself included have posted inventory shots. Mine is so horrible it’s practically meaningless ;o)

If that wasn’t enough creativity for the one month, I hopped on this little kid sewing bandwagon, too.

Kids Clothes Week

With four kiddies, two of which are boys, this will be a real challenge. I find that there is a real lack of cool and inexpensive patterns for boys. At least the kind of things I want to see my boys in. But it would sort of suck to keep making them PJ bottoms all the time, ya know. It’s dead easy to make something cute and quick AND patternless for girls. Luckily there are a ton of cool links for inspiration and tutorials for both sexes over on the Elsie Marley blog. I have some really cute Olivia fabric to make them all spring/summer versions of the PJ pants I made them in the fall. But, I hope to make them all something that they can wear outside, too. We shall see. It’s about action not output. I will definitely sew for them during that time, so I’m already a winner ;o)

I hope that this jump in sewing activity will lead to some other sewing related goals becoming a reality. Those goals will be directly helped along by this new piece of equipment

Guess what arrived today?

I am the proud new owner of this serger! It’s amazing so far and SUPER easy to use. I’ve already, mostly, completed a skirt with it and it only just arrived. The How-To DVD is priceless. I never would have got the thing threaded using the manual.

I’m off to map out handmade outfit number one for tomorrow. This outfit must work for an all morning excursion with ALL four kiddies. Oy.


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