The Party Starter

This dress effectively started the sewing party.

It caused the MC (that’s me :D) to change the playlist from projects made with yarn to projects made with fabric.

25/365: Sucess!!

Pattern: Burda 06/2009, Dress 107

Fabric: Sueded Twill in Navy
$1.95 a yard!!

This dress cost about $6, including the cost of thread. That is madness.

My seam ripper was totally my BFF on this project, mostly for avoidable mistakes made when I was zipping along too quickly.
I am happy with everything, except the finishing on the inside collar. I still need to tuck the raw edge under, but I called it done then.

This was my very first Burda pattern. This issue is PACKED with sewing gems. I found it daunting to trace the pattern, transfer the marking, cut it out blah blah blahhhhh.


I love this dress!

I ordered so much of this fabric (7yds and like 60 inches wide) that I still have more left. It was made into the bottom part of a dress that I haven’t even photographed, a failed top from Stylish Dress Book 1, and this bag which is currently cut out and ready to go on my sewing table. I think I have enough for a skirt, or dress…or shorts. Oooh. Sailor style shorts like these! Full disclosure: I would have to wear mine with stockings so as not to be scandalous. Lol!


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