Some Recent-ish Sewing

UPDATE 6/26: A little more info about the cowl neck top has been added here.

For the blog

For the blog
This sewing frenzy led me to do two things.

1. Reaquiant myself with the Burda Style community. I uploaded the above projects there (along with my first home, Flickr) and was surprised by the lovely, positive feedback my work received.


2. Realize that I needed to invest in a new sewing machine. I threw myself into investigating machines like someone was paying me for it. (Which was true. My husband bought it for me.)

Thing one resulted in Burda Style asking me to be a featured member! As If I’d say no!

And thing two resulted in this!!!


A proper sewing machine! I’ve had it for a few months now and I love it so ;o)

Details on each project to come!


2 thoughts on “Some Recent-ish Sewing

  1. Oh please tell me you have a pattern you could share on how to make that cowl neck top below the mustard colored one…so pretty.

  2. Hi!

    I love your attitude to sewing!! I also like what you have done! I see that you are a lady of many talents because you knit too!!

    Thanks for sharing… always interesting to see what everyone gets up to!!


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