Chich Knits Beryl

Chich Knits, Beryl

Chic Knits Beryl. Knit in Cotton Ease, my new yarny BFF.
You know what’s even better than LOVING everything about this pattern and yarn?
That I traded one skein of Malabrigo lace (that I would have neva eva used) for 4 skeins! Ravelry destash shopping is the BEST!

Also, the bottom two photos show the “right side” of the peplum. I decided that I liked the “wrong side”, the mostly reverse stockinette side, better. So that’s what I went with. But now that I look at it all laid out in the sun, and in these pictures, I think I like the original way better….


5 thoughts on “Chich Knits Beryl

  1. i love it. it looks squishy and rich. AND thanks for the encouragement to trade in Ravelry! i might just go spend some time there riiiiight now…. : D

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