Menswear to my wear


I was stunned at how this came together.
I was fearless because the shirt was free and unworn for over 10 years. I figured I would just cut it up for the fabric if I ruined it too much. This one was given to me in high school. At a time in my life when a huge men’s shirt was my idea of heaven. And plaid, too. Let me have it!

In the end I only cut the bottom of the sleeves and the curved bottom edge. Everything else was achieved with pin tucks. I took in the sleeves, but opted not to cut off the excess. The inside of this shirt is finished so beautifully. All french seams. I couldn’t bring myself to have it all raw and jagged inside. I just folded over the extra when making the new hem.

Real world update:

I wear this ALL OF THE TIME!  It has held up fantastically and I get tons of compliments on it. I’m thinking of making a little spring jacket with the same shape. The possibilities are endless with such a classic silhouette. And pintucks are so versatile, as discussed here on the Colette Pattern’s blog.

How would you use pintucks?


2 thoughts on “Menswear to my wear

  1. Thank you for this post — I really, really, really want to try this with some of my husband’s old shirts. I am obsessed with pinstripes and plaids right now!

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