Some Studying

I lucked up on a bundle of sewing texts at one of my local libraries a bit ago.

Free Library Finds: Sewing Loot

1. Copyright 1979, 2. Copyright 1994, 3. Original Copyright 1960, Reprinting from 1975, 4. Copyright 1986

I was carrying three bursting bags of groceries and the libraries in Brooklyn no longer give out bags. The sweet librarian (an anomaly in Brooklyn) who saw me struggling to figure out a way to take these lovelies home with me, came to the rescue! She produced a handful of grocery store shopping bags and off I staggered to the bus stop, grinning like an idiot ;o)

Then….they sat on the shelf. And then the floor when the shelf collapsed under the weight of the half-ton of books I had on it. And then they were packed into a space a foot wide, two feet deep and three feet high by my mother in one of her helpful cleaning frenzies.

I finally summoned the strength to dig these out today (a few of the pamphlets are mixed in with some tightly packed magazines and will be rescued at a later date). Inspired by Gertie’s quest to sew her way through Vogue’s New Book for Better Sewing, I aim to actually use them. The softcover ones still being held hostage are handouts from FIT. One even had a few half size slopers tucked in! I will have to get my weight up to dig these out.

I wish I could have met the person who donated them to the library. Clearly, they have no one in their lives who could benefit from their expertise. I would have happily volunteered to be their apprentice. I think a sewing mentor is just the thing. In fact, I’ve been trying to get my grandmother to volunteer for the job. She is holding at no. I think having 5 daughters with neither sewing talent or interest may have crushed the mentoring spirit out of her. Which officially sucks.


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