Answer: Like a hole in the head.

Question: Do I need another blog?

I have come to a decision.

One that concerns sewing.

And Fashion, with a capital F.

And my skill set where they’re both involved.

Thanks to books like Design It Yourself Clothes, sewing blogs like Gertie’s, Elaine’s and Erica’s, and independent designers like Colette Patterns I’ve set big goals. Goals that incorporate a little of what each lady mentioned above does. Designing it myself, for me (and others). Sewing vintage. Improving on my selfishness and seamstress-ness. Taking steps to work independently.

I hope to use the Sown blog to document my sewing triumphs and mishaps.  My quest for selfishness in not settling for less than my best. My business dreams and realities. I hope that some of my knitty readers will enjoy this content and I hope to make this space lively and informative and real and funny.

Join me?


7 thoughts on “Answer: Like a hole in the head.

  1. Congratulations on your new blog!

    I do have a sewing machine but it kinda intimidates me.

    I am sure I will get some confidence around here!

    Good luck!!!

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