Answer: A seamstresses granddaughter*

Though the blog has been quiet, the crafter has not. Since our last discourse, the one celebrating my entry into a new decade I thank you for the well wishes, I have been sewing up a (mini) storm.

For the blog

For the blog

This sewing frenzy led me to do two things.

1. Re aquiant myself with the Burda Style community. I uploaded the above projects there (along with my first home, Flickr) and was surprised by the lovely, positive feedback my work received.


2. Realize that I needed to invest in a new sewing machine. I threw myself into investigating machines like someone was paying me for it.

Thing one resulted in Burda Style asking me to be a featured member! As If I’d say no!

And thing two resulted in this!!!


I am now the proud owner of a proper sewing machine!! I am absolutely fascinated by the automatic buttonhole and will immediately commence to sewing many projects with buttons!

Dudes, this machine means that a plan I have been mulling over may actually come to pass. That is always a good thing.

A very good thing.

*Me ;o)


11 thoughts on “Answer: A seamstresses granddaughter*

  1. Go Nettie! I have a Singer also but I haven’t used it in so long. I tried to make a skirt but I fudged it all up because I didn’t read the seam allowance part. Your post makes me want to dust that thing off and try to conquer it all over again. Congrats on being a featured member.

    p.s. Tell Shaquana I said “Hi” šŸ™‚

  2. How exciting! Great new clothes lead to great new sewing machine? What could be better!

    Love it all, but really like the cowlneck.

  3. You’re so talented Nettie! That sewing machine looks great! I have recently joined Burda Style but have not added any projects to it yet. Now I know who to ask if I get stuck with a pattern. šŸ˜‰

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