Happy Festivus!!!

My Festivus got an early start, when I came home to find that my mother had rearranged my house. AGAIN!
There is nothing like fresh grievances to air to really get you in the Festivus mood ;o)

Happy Festivus and

Merry Christmahanakwanzika

to you all!!


Answer: A seamstresses granddaughter*

Though the blog has been quiet, the crafter has not. Since our last discourse, the one celebrating my entry into a new decade I thank you for the well wishes, I have been sewing up a (mini) storm.

For the blog

For the blog

This sewing frenzy led me to do two things.

1. Re aquiant myself with the Burda Style community. I uploaded the above projects there (along with my first home, Flickr) and was surprised by the lovely, positive feedback my work received.


2. Realize that I needed to invest in a new sewing machine. I threw myself into investigating machines like someone was paying me for it.

Thing one resulted in Burda Style asking me to be a featured member! As If I’d say no!

And thing two resulted in this!!!


I am now the proud owner of a proper sewing machine!! I am absolutely fascinated by the automatic buttonhole and will immediately commence to sewing many projects with buttons!

Dudes, this machine means that a plan I have been mulling over may actually come to pass. That is always a good thing.

A very good thing.

*Me ;o)