Even more after

At this rate, I may not have to buy new clothes this winter.


I am stunned at how this came together.
I was fearless because the shirt was free and unworn for over 10 years. I figured I would just cut it up for the fabric if I ruined it too much. This one was given to me in high school. At a time in my life when a huge mens shirt was my idea of heaven. And plaid, too. Let me have it!

In the end I only cut the bottom of the sleeves and the curved bottom edge.
Everything else was achieved with pin tucks. I took in the sleeves, but opted not to cut off the excess. The inside of this shirt is finished so beautifully. All french seams. I couldn’t bring myself to have it all raw and jagged inside. I just folded over the extra when making the new hem.


I have had this dress a loooooong time.
So long, in fact, that it is a size 4.
I have not been a size 4 since before I had Missy.
She will be 9 in March.

The funny (read-tragic) thing is, this dress was too big for me when I bought it! Which was why it has never, not even one time, been worn.

I have a hard time with dresses, especially shirt dresses, because my upper and lower halves are two very different sizes. As you can see this size 4 top is perfect, but the ‘before’ pic shows you that there was no hope of this EVER buttoning all the way again. Ever!

So, I chopped the sleeves.
Very carefully picked out both cuff seams.
Very carefully picked out the hem seam.
Spilt the side seams up to the fifth button from the top.
Split both sleeve pieces in two where they were already cut for the sleeve detail.
Sewed each set into two longer pieces.
Pinned the hell out those pieces into both side seam openings, tapering towards the top.
Sewed the bits in.
Made some adjustments.
Re-hemmed the bottom.
Made new sleeve hems.
Shortened button tabs and reattached to each sleeve.
Marvel at the fact that I have another dress to wear in my quest to look my age and pretend that I have style ;0)


15 thoughts on “Even more after

  1. That is just awsome! It has givin´me some ideas on how to use some of Christians old shirts!

    I have now lost a few kilo´s – and have a lot to go yet, but that is just a great idea of how to make relatively cheap clothes during my weight loss.

    Thank you!!!

  2. Wow, I’m so impressed! You look so great in these! And thanks for the idea, I might try it one day. Only thing I regret, is that I didn’t buy the men’s shirt I saw last winter – the fabric was gorgeous, I just didn’t think I could wear it.

  3. wow- nice work! I bet you could do a number on many items in my closet. You know, my size 4 dresses, shirts, skirts, pants and such that no longer fit my not-size-4-body. I’m still in denail 😉

  4. i have less demands on my time, and you still made these gorgeous clothes! the pintucks are perfect!
    also, you made my day, recalling when I would pour over men’s shirts in catalogs. oh, dear… picking *which* plaid to get… sigh. hours spent!

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