Refashion Fevah

YIP10/8::361/365: After


What started the day as an old, too small, moth eaten in places Banana Republic sweater dress has become one kick ass cardi!

If I do say so myself.

And I do.

I am insanely pleased with it. That dress had been in limbo between “denial that I still looked great in it” and “disgust at the realization that it was too small and should go in the trash”. I think it will love its new lease on life!


Collar removed.

Split down the middle.

Edges folded under and sewn down.

Curse and cut off messed up edge.

Recut edge and try folding and sewing again.


Cut strip for a belt.

Realize that you hate belted cardi’s when you try it on.

Decide to make it a ruffle instead.

Make and sew on first ruffle in record time.

Swear a lot as you pick out the stitching on the second, less easy, ruffle.

Stitch ruffle on.

Make a button loop and covered button.

Attach them.

Wear while smiling like a fool.

The edging was royally effed up the first go round and another trim was required. I now have an unhealthy love for my rotary cutter, without which this project would have ended up a big FAT fail. I could never have cut so straight with a scissor.


9 thoughts on “Refashion Fevah

  1. Wow, that really turned out nicely. You’re really brave for taking that on. I would have just thrown the dress away. You really reused and recycled! Impressive.

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  3. I’m hopping over from Refashionco-op…. your dress to sweater remake is a total hit! You did such a great job! Really had I been just blog hopping and saw you in a picture I would have never guess that it had had a previous life. Isn’t it nice when a plan comes together!

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